Obama effect on Indian Youth and Celebs

This 2009 General election is going to be the turning point of Indian journey of becoming a super-power, developed and a democratic nation. People, especially urban cosmopolitan population abeit late, are becoming more interested in this mandatory democratic exercise.

Politics have always interested the celebrities who have retired from their careers and want to use their popularity to get into the Parliament. Most of them have a notion that fan craze might convert into votes for them. Political parties are happy to give tickets to these celebs.

But this year it is bit different, many celebs who are at the pinnacle of their career are getting involved in the election process, directly or indirectly. They might not be politically involved but they are joining NGOs and several media houses who are urging the citizens to go out and vote for the future.

Youth are also taking part in these campaigns and are joining social networking sites and discussing politics and are putting forth questions to their representatives. Many are using blogs and twitter to express their views on issues like governance, terrorism, security, economy, etc. They are not shy to show their support to any political party.

How did this happen? Few years ago, you would have been perceived as uncool if you had taken the pains to get yourself registered in the voter’s list.

The answer is simple- the consequence of 26/11 and the Obama effect. It is obvious that the youth of the country would be angry aftermath 26/11 because of the audacity of the terrorist attack. But then there had been several attacks before and such emotions diminish quickly. You might remember along with this horrific event a great event took place. Barack Obama was voted as the first colored President of the US. It was a great achievement and people all over the world where spell bounded by Obama’s charisma. It gave hope to the people of the world that they could bring about the change they want in their society, neighborhood and country. Obama won without resorting to the dirty race politics. In India, most successful oppressed class leaders have taken advantage of being oppressed at some point.

On seeing him win and watching American people’s reaction has changed the mindset of the youth. Politics is now cool. Politicians need not be corrupt, selfish and cruel.

I hope that this feeling moves on for every elctions that is to come and not just this  general election.


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Brawn with the best

What a start to the formula 1 season! I remember the days of Micheal Schumacher when the Prancing Horse Ferrari used to dominate the the podium. Then during the fag end of his career the Renaults came and conquered. However, after Schumi’s retirement Raikonnen miraculously managed to win the championship along with the Ferrari who dominated both the driver’s as well as constructor’s championship along with Mclaren Mercedes. Then history beckoned Lewis Hamilton and he became the world champion, again miraculously.

This season was going to be tough on all teams, big or small, due to the present financial environment. Honda and Toyota are amongst the best car manufacturers in the world for mass markets. They have made lot of innovation in making their cars environmental friendly, fuel efficient and safe. However, they till now had failed to make any mark on Formula 1. Williams team had won several races and championships many years ago, but since then it has been Ferrari or Mclaren all the way.

Then Team Honda goes bankrupt and Formula 1 is under threat of losing a team from it’s starting grid. That’s when Ross Brawn, the man who helped Schumi win seven title, steps in and engineers the takeover of the team and renames it Brawn GP.

Nobody was expecting miracles from them until the pre-season testing. Ferrari’s Massa had said that he found Brawn GP as the main threat to their title contentions and not Mclaren. However, it turns out that Ferrari are not in contention for the championship, at the moment. The battle is between Brawn, Toyota , Red Bull and Williams. This quite a welcome change as F1 had become boring except if you are really into technical aspects of the sports. This is going to bring in more viewers as everyone like to see underdogs win or at least give the big fish run for their money.

Formula 1 is considered to be a sport which requires lot of money if you want to put up two cars for racing and even more money if you want to win it. That is why all these years Ferrari and Mclaren with unlimited amount of funding manged to dominate F1. However, with recent cost cutting measures the playing field has become more or less even.

Now, after Brawn 1-2 victory at Australia and today’s pole position for Jenson Button has showed that it requires courage and fortitude even in this highly technical sport as required in other physical sports.

I just hope that Brawn GP does not fizz out like Hull City FC did in the English Premiere League. And yes, I am supporting Ferrari. They will be back. They have the fastest cars on the circuit and the test race showed that. Hopefully, Massa can win this years Championship.

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My shift from Blogger to WordPress

I have been using blogger for almost two years from now. It was a great platform but lacked the looks and feel of wordpress blogs. So I thought of trying other platforms. When I found out that the blog url of my name was available I quickly signed up on wordpress.

The interface is awesome but lacks the simplicity of blogger (Google is popular for making it’s product simple). In blogger we have a dashboard with our list of blogs. Settings page is divided into self-explanatory tabs. We can easily find and change the settings that we want. I am finding that difficult in wordpress. For eg. I want to embed a comment form below the post or make it open in a new pop-up window, but I can’t find how to do it. Further, I have heard about plugins, etc. but I don’t know how to use it or whether can I use it on my free blog. The advantage o blogger is that you can add anything that you like. It is difficult to monetize wordpress blogs. You have to go through lot of hassles to do so.

But in spite of all this, wordpress is a great platform. I liked the the variety of themes available. The best thing is that we get to choose the url of the post. In blogger the title becomes the url of the post. So, if we give fancy title to the post it would become the url. But this would affect SEO as important keywords in url gives it better rankings in search engine for that particular keyword.

I am also learning CSS so I would be able to tweak my template a bit. Hopefully, I should learn enough to make my own template.

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Finally, the username I want

I can’t believe it!!! I managed to get the url I wanted ie. arunkamath. Usually, I have to make ado with some modifications. I am force to use hyphens, dots or my birthday in the user-name or the url.

I couldn’t get this on blogger, gmail, yahoomail, live and even twitter which is a new service. So, I thought there is simply no chance that I would get it at wordpress. But, shockingly I could get it. Great start for my blogging venture using wordpress.

I am going to use this blog for daily rants on society, politics, economy and everything that interests me or pisses me.

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